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Right now 1 in 6 workers is dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress: this can stop people performing at their best (source).

Smart employers know that organisations are only as strong as their people – they depend on having a healthy and productive workforce, and if your staff are in customer or client-facing roles they may need support to communicate and respond appropriately.

Packed full of key facts, discussions, personal testimonies and practical exercises, our range of evidence-based, interactive and practical mental health courses really help employees understand how to look after themselves and their colleagues’ mental health, and to work more confidently with customers or clients.

"Very informative - I can carry this into the workplace."

To enquire about our training courses please email training@manchestermind.org.

Why train with Manchester Mind?

1. Value for money: courses at a fixed price, not an individual rate. Prices start from as little as £60* per person. Discounts if two or more courses are booked at the same time.

2. Flexibility: courses delivered over half day, 1 or 2 days for up to 12 people. You choose the date, duration and location; we come to you and provide an experienced trainer and all materials.

3. Specialist experience: our trainers are highly skilled and have over 20 years of experience in improving mental health and wellbeing.

4. Variety and choice: we offer diverse courses, with various modules which can be added or expanded.

5. We are a local charity! Everything we earn from our training service helps us to continue working for better mental health for all.

* Sliding scale fees for Third, Public & Private Sector organisations

A new perspective - real stories and examples, trainers were excellent.

Our training courses

You can download an overview of all our courses by clicking here, or read on for details of our courses at a glance.

Mental Health Awareness: The ideal introduction for any employee to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to experience a mental health problem, and how to support their own and their colleagues’ mental health.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace: Provides all line managers with practical insight into how to manage and support the mental wellbeing of their team.

Wellbeing at Work: The ideal introduction to building emotional resilience, with an emphasis on practical exercises including mindfulness and CBT.

Wellbeing in Later Life: Helping employees nearing retirement build their emotional resilience and make positive plans.

Building a Healthy Future: Living with a long-term condition - for employees living with a long-term physical condition who want to better manage stress, and learn ways to live better with the challenge of having a long-term condition.

Mindfulness for Stress: An 8 week course (2 hours a week), which will provide employees with mindfulness tools and techniques to help manage stress and improve quality of life.

Bespoke courses: We can work with you to develop specialist courses to meet your needs – please contact us with your requirements.

The training was interesting and busted lots of myths about mental health.
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