Counselling and assessment at YASP

Importance notice about Counselling services

Unfortunately YASP’s Counselling Service is temporarily unable to accept new referrals.

We have made the decision not to accept any new referrals from 21st September 2017 due to the length of our current waiting list. Our Counsellors are currently working hard to reduce the waiting list so that young people are not waiting a long time to access the serves. Anyone who has already been referred and is on the waiting list will be seen.

YASP’s Counselling Service will reopen for new referrals as soon as possible and we are really sorry for the inconvenience and for not being available at this time. Please check back on this website for an update. YASP’s Advice Service, Befriending and Mentoring Service and the YASP Café are open and accepting referrals so please do get in contact if you need support from them.

Please refer instead to the following free counselling services:

42nd Street

0161 228 7321

Based at The Space, 87-91 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester M4 5AG (young people aged 13-25 in Manchester, Salford and Trafford)

Community Counselling Service

Run by Community Development Initiative and based at Oakland House, Talbot Road, Old Trafford M16 0PQ.

Tel: 0161 881 0007 or 07788 414 771

Email: (people aged 18 and over in Manchester and Trafford)

Self Help Services:

Based at the Zion Centre, 339 Stretford Road, Hulme, M15 4ZY and also Oakland House, Talbot Road, Old Trafford M16 0PQ. Tel: 0161 226 3871

Email: (young people aged 16 and over in Greater Manchester)

TLC St Luke’s:

Tel: 0161 273 1538

Based at St Luke's Church and Neighbourhood Centre, Guidepost Road, Longsight Manchester M13 9HP.

Email: ( people aged 18 and over in Manchester)

Respect For All Counselling Service

Tel: 07902 223 743

Based in Chorlton (young people aged 16 and over who have a learning disability or an autistic spectrum condition)

Kooth online counselling service

online counselling for young people aged 11-19

Please also check out our partner organisation:


Support with mood problems and emotional distress. 36 New Mount St, Manchester M4 4DE.

They offer: 6-week course with ongoing support sessions; mentors; recovery workshops (Anxiety Management, Self-esteem and Assertiveness, Sleep, Anger Management, Management of Psychosis (Funny Feelings), Mood Management). Helpline staffed from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday - 0161 832 37 36.

Online and Skype support - contact them on or

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust Recovery Academy:

Free educational courses and resources for people with mental health and substance misuse problems, their families and carers as well as health care professionals. All courses focus on supporting people with their recovery and promote good health and wellbeing.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a way for you to talk about your problems and to find new ways to cope. You will meet in a room with a qualified counsellor who will help you talk about your problems and the difficulties you have had. You can talk to one of our counsellors in private in a safe and supportive space. You can also have an appointment for a one-off assessment if this is what you would prefer.

Can you help me?

Our service is free for anyone aged 15 to 25 who lives in Manchester. Lots of people find counselling helpful. The list below are the most common reasons why people come to us for help. We have also helped people who are coping with difficult things that have happened (e.g. Having to leave home, the end of a relationship, bullying, bereavement and abuse).

When are you open?

Our counsellors are here during the week – you can choose whether to come in the morning or afternoon or to one of our evening appointments. The counselling service is above the YASP Café in Levenshulme. The sessions are free of charge and interpreters can be provided.

Get in touch

You can download a referral form below. If you have any questions then please contact the counselling service via or on 0161 221 3054.

Having counselling can help you feel better about yourself and find ways to cope with things you find difficult

“I look positively into the future and I am not afraid of failure”.

My name is Eva and I am 25. I live in Manchester and am originally from Poland. Last winter lots of things happened in my life. I split up with my husband. I lost my job. My best friend turned against me and it resulted in huge attack of depression. Even though I was on anti-depressants for 3 years it didn't seem to help anymore. I've been twice to A&E, spent 8 days in a crisis point - nothing helped. I was very afraid that this attack of depression would have a fatal end, so I called my dad with whom I don't have a close relationship and asked for help. Because of his old age he couldn't come to be with me. In case I couldn't find help I left a goodbye note inside a kitchen cupboard for my friends not be blame themselves should the worst happen.

“In the counselling sessions I learnt how to take care of myself, change my false beliefs, think reasonably and don't despair, so that the therapy worked very well for me”.

I began having counselling at YASP and things started to change. My counsellor quickly recognised what was wrong and notified my GP. Finally, receptionists in my health practice started treating my complaints seriously and gave me emergency appointments with my GP when I needed them. My counsellor made me feel that I am not alone with my problems anymore and it made me trust her. In the counselling sessions I learnt how to take care of myself, change my false beliefs, think reasonably and don't despair, so that the therapy worked very well for me. For the first time in years I gained hope and belief that I can be healthy and happy. I saw that it was my mental health that had caused my pain and I could stop it.

Six months into therapy I can say that this is the best time in my life. Finally, I solved the problems that had been swept under the carpet for years with anti-depressants. I can enjoy life like every other person without the constant pain depression caused me. At the moment I am working on starting my own photography business with the hope to help other women boost their self-esteem. I look positively into the future and I am not afraid of failure. I know there will be days when things will go wrong but it is OK, because thanks to counselling I received at YASP there will be no more suicide notes ever. I live a new life now.

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