YASP Advice & Casework

YASP has a caseworker who can help you with some of the practical problems that are making you stressed, worried or feeling like you cannot cope.

These include help making claims for welfare benefits, applying for housing, sorting out your finances and getting help for your health.

Just give us a call on 0161 221 3054 or come to one of our drop-ins to find out how we may be able to help you. Help offered includes:

Employment & Support Allowance, Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment, Jobseeker's Allowance.

Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Rehousing, Homelessness.

Tax Credits

YASP Advice Drop-In

We have an Advice Drop-In every Wednesday Afternoon from 2pm to 4pm.

The Drop-In is for 15 to 25 year olds and is at the YASP cafe at 832 Stockport Road, Levenshulme.

If you are over 25 then you can access one of the Advice drop-ins at the Zion Centre in Hulme Click here for details or phone 0161 769 5732.

Scroll down to see our locations on the map.

Harry's Story

I have suffered from depression since he was 12 years old. I was bullied as a child but managed to stay at school and do my A’ Levels. I was able to get through my first year at University but gradually began to realize that my mental health problems were more serious than I had thought.

I became more and more depressed and used a lot of cannabis. I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and got help from my doctor and the Crisis Team. I was also referred to the YASP Advice Service.

The help I got really got the ball rolling again. I received help with benefits and started to claim Employment Support Allowance. The Advisor also helped me with accommodation and I’m now living in a shared house near the university.

I gained in confidence and have started hanging out in the YASP café. I even volunteered in the Café and I have learnt a lot about cooking and have realised the importance of eating healthily. I wish I had come to YASP earlier.

Above all, I don’t feel so socially isolated and it helps knowing that other people also have similar mental health problems but cope.

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